SEO York

The best website in the world will fail if nobody can find it. That's why getting customers to your site is every bit as important as having a great website in the first place. We create online marketing campaigns that get results using Social Media, Content Creation and much more.

You might have heard about SEO, you might not – but the chances really are you don't know a whole lot about it. It is the process of getting your website ranking well in the search engines, on the first page ideally so the majority of people looking for your business type find yours. Our process for this always begins with an initial chat about goals and budgets. From there we audit your website to see where major improvements can be made, along with an audit of your competition to see what they are doing better than you. It is like an online health check. We then form a proposal which gives you the backbone of the work we will do, what you can expect and the timeframes in which this should happen.